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SouthPaw Cycles Safety Checklist

Basic Gear List:

  • Helmet
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Flat Changing Kit

Bicycle Safety Check:

  • Wheels: Spin to check for true (straightness, without wobbles, hops, or rubbing).
  • Axles: Tighten quick release or bolt on.
  • Brakes: Check front and back brakes to make sure that the pads are aligned to the wheel rim.
  • Tire: Inspect tires for proper inflation. Locate correct pressure (PSI) on side of tire.
  • Pedals: Spin pedals and crank arms to ensure effortless rotation and security.
  • Chain: Clean and lubricate.
  • Bars and Stem: Check that they are secure.
  • Saddle: Check that saddle is secure.
  • Lighting: Maintain reflectors on bike. If you have lights, ensure that they are visible.