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Meet The Crew

Image of Erik, the SouthPaw Cycles owner


What I do at the shop: Owner

Years of experience riding/in the industry: I have been riding for more years than I can remember. I started out with BMX street and freestyle riding and eventually transitioned to mountain bikes. Once I started racing those, it wasn't long before I got a road bike so I would not get my butt kicked as bad.

How I got into cycling and working at a shop: I started volunteering at Chain Reaction Cycles in Evans, GA when I was 13 years old. The owner, Phil, made me write a letter about why I wanted to learn and work in a bicycle shop. I haven't regretted that decision since. Thanks, Phil!

Favorite types of riding: Mountain biking is my all-time favorite

Other hobbies and interests: Dirtbiking

Picture of Jen, the owner of SouthPaw Cycles


What I do: Co-Owner

Years of experience: I started road riding with my dad in 2003 and had my first bike shop job in 2006, as a part-time gig to help pay my way through school at Clemson University. I've been hooked on the world of cycling ever since.

How I got into it: I started riding as an alternate means of fitness when I sustained a hip fracture in high school from running track and cross-country. Before long, I had a road bike and was dabbling in triathlons and road races. I met this handsome dude named Erik, who convinced me to join him on the trails. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it. I love spending time on the road bike, but my heart is with riding and racing on the mountain bike.

Favorite types of riding: I ride road, mountain and gravel, but mountain biking would be my favorite! 

Other hobbies and interests: Dirtbiking, reading (fantasy romance!)

Image of Nick, sales specialist at SouthPaw Cycles


What I do: Bicycle Sales and Repair Specialist 

Years of experience: I started road riding in 2016.  Transitioned to collegiate racing at University of South Florida (USF), while serving as the cycling team's Risk Manager and Vice President. Continuing to train and race on the road.

How I got into it: I woke up one day and decided I wanted to race road.  I started training on the road with intentions of racing, and a year later I was on the USF cycling team doing it.

Favorite types of riding: Road, Cyclocross

Other hobbies and interests: Photography

Image of Leigh Ann, employee of SouthPaw Cycles

Leigh Ann

What I do: Bicycle Sales Specialist

Years of experience: I started riding in 2019 after my dad got me my first “real” mountain bike. I’m still considered a “newbie” by most cyclists, and if you catch me in shorts at the shop, don’t be surprised to find me demonstrating as much with a “rookie” mark or two on my legs. Once I got my first bike you could say it was love at first sight. I’m an adrenaline junkie and this gave me a rush every time I rode. It turned into a true passion and a great form of adventure and fitness.

How I got into it:  Again, I owe that to my dad mainly. I am originally from Brevard and grew up watching my dad ride in Pisgah Forest. I always looked up to him, and thought it was so cool that he rode his bike in the woods. I grew up riding bikes in my neighborhood, but it wasn’t until I got a mountain bike a few years ago that I was able to experience the fun of mountain biking. Once I did, I realized what a great sport I had been missing all my life.

Favorite types of riding: Mountain biking of course!  I love the trails in Pisgah Forest. You might occasionally catch me on a gravel bike.

Other hobbies and interests: Backpacking, trail running, long distance hiking, loving on my dog, and being outdoors.

Image of Chandler, employee of SouthPaw Cycles


What I do: Bicycle Sales and Repair Specialist

Years of experience: I started working at my local bike shop in 2019, but I've been riding since I could walk.  I have raced in North Carolina NICA and have participated in various other collegiate and mountain bike events/series.

How I got into it:  Going riding with my dad and friends. It allowed me to spend more time with my friends and family in a fun way!

Favorite types of riding: Mountain biking - trying to ride as many new trails as possible

Other hobbies and interests: I love to hike and camp, work on trucks, and go on any sort of adventure!

Image of Jack, employee of SouthPaw Cycles


What I do: Bicycle Sales and Repair Specialist

Years of experience: I started mountain biking when I was around 15 years old. I worked at my local bike shop in Mount Pleasant, SC from 2016 - 2018.

How I got into it:  I got into it at a summer camp that I attended, and now work at that summer camp as a mountain biking counselor.

Favorite types of riding: Mountain biking, be it fast and flowy or slow and technical.

Other hobbies and interests: Reading, skateboarding, anything with 3D printers