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Southpaw Cycles Crew in front of the bike shop

Meet The Crew


What I do at the shop: I am the head floor sweeper!

Years of experience riding/in the industry: I have been riding for more years than I can remember. I started out with BMX street and freestyle riding and eventually transitioned to mountain bikes. Once I started racing those, it wasn't long before I got a road bike so I would not get my butt kicked as bad.

How I got into cycling and working at a shop: I started volunteering at Chain Reaction Cycles in Evans, GA when I was 13 years old. The owner, Phil, made me write a letter about why I wanted to learn and work in a bicycle shop. I haven't regretted that decision since. Thanks Phil!

Favorite types of riding: Mountain bike is my all time favorite

Other hobbies and interests: I can have more than one hobby?

Favorite bike: Ha, I have too many. I guess any one I am currently riding.

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, the bike I would choose is: a unicycle, because there is no better time to learn how to ride one than a Zombie Apocalypse!


What I do: I am the co-owner of SouthPaw Cycles, The Shop Wench, and a specialist in the promotion of the women’s cycling experience.

Years of experience: I started riding in 2003 and had my first bike shop job in 2006. I've been hooked on the world of cycling ever since.

How I got into it: I started riding as an alternate means of fitness when I sustained a hip fracture in high school from running track and cross-country. Before long, I had a road bike and was dabbling in triathlons and road races. I met this handsome dude named Erik and he convinced me to join him on the trails. The first ride was scary and stressful, but he was a patient teacher and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it. I love spending time on the road bike, but my heart is with riding and racing on the mountain bike.

Favorite types of riding: Road, mountain bike (cross country and endurance)

Other hobbies and interests: Well, that’s tough considering how much of our time revolves around the shop, cycling friends, fun rides, training rides, date rides for just the two of us, and racing. Spending time with our three big dogs, Eko, Roscoe, and Stella. Of course spending time with Cadence the Shop Bunny. Reading if time ever allows. Sitting outside in the sunshine and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite bike: Hmmm, that’s another tough one. For the road, my Giant Propel. It is comfortable, fun, and fast. For off road shredding, my Liv Pique Advanced 1. I will defer to the next question for the “why” it is my favorite.

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, the bike I would choose is: The Liv Pique Advanced 1. That bike can take on anything that is thrown at it! It has bombed down Farlow Gap and Daniel Ridge in Pisgah like a champ. It is quick up climbs. On the few occasions I have had to lock out the suspension and hit the road it has been FAST. I think this bike could get me out of any sticky situation, including a Zombie Apocalypse.


What I do: I am a mechanic and sales associate.

Years of experience: Roughly 4 years (2013) of cycling experience and only a year and a half in the industry.

How I got into it: I got my first mountain bike back in 2013. In 2015 I got more seriously into riding, so I purchased my first high end bike from Erik at SouthPaw. About a year after that I started working for Erik at the shop.

Favorite types of riding: Enduro is my favorite type of riding. I'm not a fan of climbing but I have to go up to go down. So I enjoy a good party pace to the top of the fun downhill where I can really let go of the brakes.

Other hobbies and interests: I do a lot of skateboarding out side of mountain bike riding. Skateboarding is something I've been doing on and off since I was like 7, so I still enjoy doing some kickflips on weekends.

Favorite bike: I'd have to say my GT Sanction that I’m currently on is my favorite bike. It can do everything I want a bike to do. For a 170mm travel bike it climbs surprisingly well, but still has the ability to go fast downhill.

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, the bike I would choose is: A Cannondale Habit for sure. Zombies can't go uphill as fast as a Habit with a nice Lefty fork.


What I do: Protector and Guardian of The Shop

Years of experience: I started at the bike shop in December 2015 when I tricked The Crew into catching me and giving me a sweet new home.  Running laps between the bikes and racks is the best!

How I got into it:  I spied on SouthPaw Cycles for about a month or so from a bush in the shop parking lot.  When The Crew noticed me I played hard to get, but really I knew the bike life was for me.  I was hooked!

Favorite types of riding: Road in the winter and MTB the rest of the year.  During the winter, Jen has the Women's Wednesday Night Trainer rides at the shop and I have a blast running around the trainers and fans.  I am a bunny and I like to hop, so of course I love some MTB.  Hoping, jumping, and shredding.  It's the best!

Other hobbies and interests: Eating cardboard boxes (especially the nice ones the customers have to see), eating bananas (they are delicious!), and licking the windows.

Favorite bike: The Liv Avow Advanced Pro 0, because its beautiful and fast....just like me!

In the event of a Zombie Apocolypse, the bike I would choose is: A tricycle of course.  Everyone knows a bunny can't ride a bicycle.