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DeFeet Aireator D-Logo Hi-Top
$6.59 - $14.00 $9.99 - $14.00 Up to 40% Off
DeFeet’s Aireators were their first airflow-design cycling socks and they're famous for outstanding durability, wicking, breathability and comfort. Made from a lightweight blend of 60% nylon, 39% CoolMax EcoMade and 1% Lycra, these tall, thin socks will keep you comfortable and looking great season after season.
DeFeet Wooleator D-Logo
$7.79 - $17.00 $12.99 - $17.00 Up to 40% Off
DeFeet's Wooleators are perfect for any ride in any temperature because they're made of wool, which wicks, breathes and insulates whether your feet are wet or dry for awesome comfort.
DeFeet D-Logo 6-inch Woolie Boolie Socks
$19.99 - $20.00
- Made for riding any trail in any style on the entire mountain - Made from the finest merino wools in the world - 64% Wool, 34% Nylon, 2% Lycra
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